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What is the difference between OBD GPS tracker and wireless tracker?

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Anyone who knows GPS locator knows that there are three types of locator: wired locator, wireless locator and OBD trackerr. We often talk about both wired and wireless locators. There is not much discussion about OBD trackers, so many people don’t know much about the OBD GPS trackers.

In fact, the OBD tracker is neither a wired locator nor a wireless tracker. Because it requires neither wiring nor work with its own battery, it is a socket-type positioner. So how is it different from a wireless tracker ? please look below:

1.Installation method

The OBD tracker is free of wiring and breakage installation, it is compatible with the OBD interface of the car, plug and play, fast and convenient. Just plug it into your car’s OBD socket and you’re ready to use the positioner.

The wireless tracker is also installed without wires or wires. You can use the magnet on the back to attach it to the place where the body has iron, or use 3M glue to stick it anywhere on the body.

In terms of installation method, OBD tracker is as simple and convenient as wireless tracker, but there are many optional installation positions for wireless tracker, and OBD can only be connected to the OBD interface of the car. The position is relatively fixed, so wireless tracker Is better hidden.

2. Positioning mode

The OBD tracker is connected to the car and uses the car battery to supply power. Therefore, the OBD tracker can perform real-time positioning just like wired locator.

The wireless GPS tracker relies on the internal battery to work. The internal battery is very limited, so its working mode is limited, and it is not often used for real-time positioning.

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Therefore, in terms of positioning mode, OBD tracker with real-time positioning function is more popular. It can be used in fleet management, taxi, bus management, because these fleets have strict management methods, and OBD will not appear. Lost positioner.

The OBD tracker is the same as wireless tracker in that it has all the functions of real-time positioning, electronic fence, track playback and other tracker. In short, OBD trackers are also very useful.

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