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SEEWORLD Asset Risk Management Solution for Vehicles Networking

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Due to historical reasons, the situation of the online car market as well as cabs has been quite complicated for a long time. Online car owners default on loans and second mortgage their vehicles, etc. can bring huge losses to online car companies; therefore, online car companies need to be able to grasp the locations of online cars in real-time and retrieve them quickly if necessary.

According to our research on the visits of customers of online car companies, the most important concerns of online car companies are as follows.

  1. Real-time positioning management and analysis of online vehicles
  2. Visualization of mileage and maintenance needs of online vehicles
  3. Driver/passenger safety and accident traceability
  4. Dangerous situation warning and wind control mechanism

In response to these needs, SEEWORLD has developed a car asset risk control solution based on dynamic IoT, focusing on helping car companies or similar car rental companies to reduce costs increase efficiency, and improve vehicle flow and operational efficiency.

Risk Control Solution for Assets

The intelligent cloud platform that SEEWORLD Technology strives to build can realize the functions of remote visualization and control of net-contracted vehicles, early warning of dangerous situations, and data analysis and summary, allowing managers to grasp the status of all net-contracted vehicles in real time to ensure that trajectories can be checked, accidents can be traced, vehicles can be traced and risks can be reduced; helping net-contracted vehicle companies to gain in the long run.

Positioning mode supports multi-mode positioning such as GPS/BeiDou/LBS/WiFi, which can be selected according to the actual needs of vehicles.

Vehicle trajectory at a glance can play back the history trajectory at any time, to achieve vehicle trajectory traceably.

Equipment hidden installation, tracking covertly carried out; locate the real-time location of the net car, find the car fast and accurately; net car companies and vehicles to form a fast, accurate, and effective information transfer channel.

Vehicle Alarm – Personal Safety Protection System

  • Full recording of the driving process and real-time control of the environment inside the vehicle.
  • Provide SOS one-click alarm function, so drivers/passengers instantly seek help in case of danger.
  • Once the platform receives the alarm, it will immediately save the recording as evidence and carry out the rescue.

Report Statistics – Big Data Management and Analysis

  • Real-time collection of vehicle driving data, intelligent screening of information, and output of reports.
  • Real-time collection of vehicle mileage data, intelligent reminder when the vehicle needs maintenance.
  • Intelligent analysis of vehicle scheduling data to support the intelligent operation of the net car.
  • Relying on data to create vehicle operation strategy, reduce operation cost and improve operational efficiency.

Remote Control – Risk Warning and Exclusion Mechanism

  • Remote control of fuel and electricity disconnection to safeguard car assets when a net car driver is found to be in default of a loan or when the person and car cannot be contacted.
  • Danger alarms such as over-speed alarms, fence alarms, low power alarms, illegal door opening alarms, etc. foresee abnormal conditions and quickly discover problems.


SEEWORLD car asset risk control solution visualizes and digitizes the operation and scheduling of cars by connecting them, drivers, passengers, and the intelligent cloud platform, ultimately empowering the booming car industry and providing a further location-based service experience.

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