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Can a GPS Tracker Be Detected? How to Find Out GPS in Car?

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In today’s fast-paced world, we frequently require assurances concerning the safety of our loved ones and their valued possessions. Installing a GPS tracking device that provides security assurance is a great solution.

However, a tracking device may occasionally be used to track a person’s locations without their knowledge. But how would you know if these gadgets are being used to track your car without your permission?

If you think someone has put a GPS tracker in your car, you’ll need some simple tools like a flashlight, mechanic’s mirror, and a creeper or mat to assist you to crawl under the car.

Specialized equipment, such as electronic bug sweepers or insect detectors, may be required in cases when a basic check isn’t enough.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of criteria to assist you in doing a self-inspection for discovering a GPS tracker in your car.

Ways to Find Out If a GPS Tracker Is Placed in Your Vehicle

1. Check Your Vehicle’s Exterior

Wheels. Check your car wheels on both sides with care. Check the invisible part with your hands. Also, inspect under the vehicle’s plastic coverings that you can’t remove.

Bottom of the car. You can even inspect this region using the mirror’s reflection. The area beneath the car is dusty, and if the tracker is there, the coating of dust on it may cause it to be missed by your eyes. So be cautious when looking for the GPS tracker.

Look behind the bumpers. Most bumpers are too small to conceal a tracking device. But it won’t hurt if you check it with care.

Look beneath the hood. Lift the hood and look for the tracker attached to the firewall, the strut bar, behind the radiator, buried in the air ducts, or hidden among the batteries. However, placing a tracker under the bonnet is unlikely since it might be exposed to greater temperatures, causing damage to electric components.

2. Check Inside Your Car

Check the data port. Some trackers are simple to use and may be inserted directly into the data connection beneath the driver’s dashboard. Check to see whether the data port has a little box attached to it. If it’s there, you can easily get rid of it.

Look through the trunk. While looking for a tracker, you could overlook your car’s storage box. If the tracker is inside the truck, it can be hidden behind a spare tire or in another tiny location.

Make sure you don’t miss a single seat. Whether it’s a little wireless GPS tracker or a wired component, search your automobile thoroughly for everything you find lost. Look below the vehicle seats. Check the edge of the seat coverings for any trackers that may be hidden.

Take a look beneath the dashboard. The glovebox compartment, as well as the panel under the steering wheel, maybe removed in most variants. Check for a loose wire that isn’t connected to other wires, and if an antenna is taped to the dashboard, use your hand to locate it.

3. Use a Bug Sweeper

Electronic bug sweepers detect electromagnetic signals that are similar to those produced by mobile phones and radio transmitters. If the physical inspection fails to reveal any GPS trackers, bug sweepers can be used to locate well-hidden GPS trackers.


If you are still suspicious that anything is going on despite not finding any GPS car monitoring device after attempting the methods we list before, there is just one thing you can do. Bring along a professional to check your car. Car alarm installers can assist you with your needs.

Find a reputable installer and give them a call. These specialists are advantageous due to their extensive familiarity with the problem. They know what the GPS trackers require and where they may be found.

If the installers found a hidden GPS tracker, it is simple for them to remove it. Because most trackers are powered by a battery, they will not be linked to your car.

If there are no wires connecting, you can easily disconnect the gadget. If the tracker is knotted or taped, you must carefully cut it loose without damaging the vehicle’s wiring or components. If it is a magnetic GPS tracker, simply pull it away from you to remove it.

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