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Motorbike and Car Trackers in Kenya

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Once you’ve bought your motorbike in Kenya, you must take action to secure it. The most crucial step to take after purchasing a motorcycle is to have a tracking device installed on it.

The theft of motorcycles has increased recently in Kenya. If a stolen motorbike is not equipped with an anti-theft monitoring device, it is challenging to find it.

Moreover, if you didn’t install a tracking device on your motorcycle, it will be difficult for the insurance company to reimburse you even if you have complete insurance.

The Most Cutting Edge Features In Our Tracking System

  • Real-time tracking. You can use your phone or computer to check the current location of your motorcycle at any time, anywhere.
  • Mileage Counter. The tool keeps track of how far a motorcycle travels each day.
  • Six-Month Playback. Playback of the past six months’ tracking data for your motorcycle is possible.
  • Speed Monitoring. You may keep an eye on the motorcycle’s speed report. If the motorcycle is moving, you can see what speed it is traveling at.
  • GEO-Fence. You can set up a virtual area on the platform yourself, you‘ll be informed when the vehicle crosses its boundary.

You can control your motorcycle’s engine via the WhatsGPS platform so that no one else can ride it, even if they have the key.

R11 Motorcycle GPS Tracker in Kenya


Seeworld R11 motorcycle GPS tracker is the best choice for users in Kenya. It is a 2G positioning device that features functions such as ACC detection, engine/oil cut-off control, vibration alarm, and driving behavior analysis, which is the highlight of this product.

Using GPS networks, the R11 lightweight GPS tracker for motorcycles offers round-the-clock vehicle tracking on the road and in parking lots.

This vehicle GPS tracking for Kenyan users with remote oil/engine cut-off is appropriate for asset tracking, and motorcycle monitoring.


S102A 2G Tracker for Motorcycles in Kenya

An electronic fence, real-time remote tracking, ACC recognition, and numerous alerts are just a few of the features that the S102A’s four-wire potential smart car anti-theft GPS tracker for asset management can implement.

This 2G real-time GPS device is compact in size and simple to install. The S102A contains a built-in 55mAh rechargeable battery that may keep sending positional data to the platform terminal even after the device is powered off.


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