R31 - 2G Hardwired Fleet GPS Tracker for Auto Finance Companies and Credit Unions with Voice Listening & Alerts Feature

R31 - 2G Hardwired Fleet GPS Tracker for Auto Finance Companies and Credit Unions with Voice Listening & Alerts Feature

R31 is a 2G tracking device for trucks, fleets, and staff vehicles to monitor your drivers, speed, safety, and auto logistics for enterprises of all sizes. SEEWORLD R31 2G fleet GPS navigator supports GPS/BDS positioning technology, and the positioning error is reduced to within 5 meters.

It gathers all locator-related functions and has a built-in large-capacity battery. This fleet GPS tracker is suitable for auto finance, fleet vehicle management, and so on.

The R31 GPS tracker for auto finance companies is a feature-rich positioning terminal with a wide range of applications. Also, the device uses an MTK6261 chip and supports BDS/GPS/LBS positioning.

In addition to supporting satellite positioning, the device supports single base station and multi-base station positioning.  It integrates the self-developed hardware monitoring circuit to make the equipment reliable and stable for a long time, and can automatically recover when an abnormality occurs.

You can configure geolocation and unauthorized usage alerts effortlessly with this fleet GPS tracker and receive notifications when vehicles arrive at certain areas, as well as vehicles and cars that move after hours.

There are no hidden fees. We provide a real-time tracking solution – WhatsGPS – which offers the best way for you to have real-time information about the location and use of their vehicles and equipment assets. Only $2 for the first year, and $8 for the next yearly subscription.

Features of this fleet tracker for auto finance and credit unions:

  • Remote cut-off (fuel/power)
  • Remote voice recording and listening
  • ACC detection
  • Light sensitive alarm, SOS alarm
  • Built-in hardware monitoring circuit, automatic recovery of abnormal state
  • Driving behavior analysis
  • Real-time tracking

This 2G hardwired GPS tracking device can be used in:

  • Fleet management
  • Car rental
  • Bus management
  • Auto finance

Product Parameters

Additional information

Protocolo del Producto:

GT06 (Predeterminado)

Chip RF GSM:


Canal GSM


Clase GPRS

Clase 12, TCP/IP

Tipo de Comunicación de Datos


Chipset GPS


Modo de Posicionamiento


Precisión de Posicionamiento

<10 metros

Acuerdo del Dispositivo


Rango de Voltaje de Operación




Capacidad de Almacenamiento de Puntos de Rastreo en Zona Ciega




Grado de Impermeabilidad y Resistencia al Polvo


Product Functions

Over-Speed Alarm

When the vehicle is over-speed, then it will be detected and send an alarm.

Vibration Alarm

When vehicle vibrates several times, the vibration alarm will be triggered.

Remote Cut-off (Fuel/Power)

Immobilize a vehicle by cutting off its power source / fuel supply through an installed relay.

Remote Voice Listening

The mobile phone dials the locator card number, and the locator automatically answers the live voice

ACC Detection

The vehicle is connected to the ACC line and users can view the vehicle status on the system.

Driving Behavior Analysis

The device supports rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, sharp turn alarm and statistical analysis.

SOS Alarm

An SOS alert can be sent when the driver encounters an accident or an abnormal situation.

Real-time Tracking

Update position every 10 seconds with continuous tracking.

Product Application