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2G GPS trackers can help you locate and track your vehicles including cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, etc. SEEWORLD not only offers GPS fleet tracking devices with basic features, such as real-time tracking, SOS alarm, and GEO-fence, ACC detection but also supplies vehicle trackers with upgrade functions, such as temperature monitoring, fuel monitoring, remote voice monitoring and recording, like our S709 OBD tracker, S06A, S208, etc.

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SEEWORLD WhatsGPS is an online and offline diversified service platform, focusing on providing professional vehicle location services for global users.

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You might want to know why there are GPS trackers still using 2G networks even though the world of 5G networks is on its way. Although we all know that 4G’s network is actually much quicker than 2G’s for your mobile phones to access the Internet, it is not always true for a GPS tracker.

The 2G network is NOT as sluggish as you may believe and the 2G GPS tracker will NOT be a thing of the past. Because the traffic utilized by a 2G GPS tracker in a month will be less than 30 megabytes even for a real-time GPS tracker with versatile features such as GEO fence, driving behavior analytics, and more. Most importantly, it’s more affordable than 3G/4G/Cat-M GPS trackers while coming with almost all the basic features a fleet company or individual needs.

The 2G network is quite adequate for a real-time GPS tracker and the sluggish uploading of the positioning information won’t be as terrible as you imagine. For a number of reasons, several GPS device makers continue to provide 2G positioning devices. Here are the three main reasons:

Firstly, the amount of data transmitted is minimal. 2G GPS trackers typically send their location information in the form of coordinates, which means they’re only sending a few data to another device, where the app on the secondary device plots these coordinates into a position on a map within a mobile app on the secondary device, so 2G networks are ideal for this.

Second, the components necessary to supply GPRS-compatible devices (meaning 2G devices) are substantially less expensive than those required for 3G and LTE(4G) devices, allowing manufacturers to offer their trackers at a lower cost to customers than devices employing components for the newer networks.

Power consumption is the third reason. Because the battery makes up a large portion of the size of a GPS tracker, GPRS networks demand substantially less power, resulting in significantly longer battery life and the potential to provide smaller trackers.

We at SEEWORLD provide you with 2G GPS trackers for different purposes, no matter if you want 2G anti-theft trackers for assets management, 2G real-time GPS trackers for car rental and loan car business, 2G mini trackers for monitoring, or other 2G trackers with specific functions.

Should you buy a 2G GPS tracking device? If you reside in the USA (AT&T deactivated its 2G network in the United States) or Australia, you’ll definitely need a 3G or higher device, but the answer for the rest of the globe depends on how long you want to use your tracker and what you want to do next. In a word, 2G GPS trackers support a 2G(GSM) network, please confirm if your local place supports a 2G network before you buy it.

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